Zithromax (also known as Azithromycin) is an antibiotic which is used for treating a rather wide variety of infections. Pharmacological action of Zithromax Antibiotic – antibacterial of broad spectrum of use. Due to the versatility pharmacological action of the preparation it is used in different spheres of practical medicine.

What is Zithromax used for?

Azithromycin suppresses biosynthesis of albumin slowing down the growth and reproduction of bacteria. It works perfectly treating such infections and diseases as respiratory tracts infections (e.g. bacterial bronchitis, streptococcic pharyngitis and tonsillitis, interstitial and alveolar pneumonia), otitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, urino-genital infections (urethritis, trachelitis), skin infections, erythema, gastric and duodenum infections, pelvis minor infections (e.g. endometritis, fornix of vagina infections and other).

Zithromax antibiotic has been clinically tested multiple times and all of the researches proved Azithromycin’s efficiency and safety. However you should be very careful with the dosage and follow all the written instructions in order to avoid any unhealthy consequences. You must not mix Zithromax with any kind of alcohol beverages! Please, read the whole instruction before taking the medicine in order to avoid unpremeditated harm. Zithromax antibiotic has some possible side-effect all of which are similar to all similar multipurpose preparations.

It is strongly recommended not to take Zithromax during the pregnancy period, if you are a nursing mother, also it is strongly recommended to abstain from taking the medication if you have any liver malfunction or hypersensitivity. Also you should not take the medication in case if you have renal insufficiency or liver impairment and arrhythmia.


The amount of a dose is prescribed individually.

Adults – Take a dose once a day one hour before or two hours after meal with a glass of water. Average amount of a dose is 0,5g

Children – The same rules goes for kids however the dosage is significantly lower and it is also must be estimated personally according to the weight – 7mg/kg

Follow the dosage prescribed by your doctor. Please read the instruction carefully and follow it. In case if the symptoms mentioned above get worsen you should contact and consult your doctor immediately.

Generic Zithromax – Azithromycin. Brand names include: Azovid, Azee, Azotik, Azithral, Zithromac, Vinzam, Zmax, Sumamed,  Zitrocin, Aziswift.

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